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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #17

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NEC Launches High-Speed Generative AI Models for Business Transformation

NEC Corporation introduces “NEC cotomi Pro” and “NEC cotomi Light,” two new high-speed generative AI Large Language Models (LLMs). These models, boasting advanced training methods and architectures, offer top-tier performance at more than ten times the speed of global LLMs like “GPT-4” and “Claude 2.” With capabilities for tasks like document summarization and question answering, they empower organizations to swiftly implement business transformation strategies with improved response times and enhanced performance.

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T-Mobile and EQT to Acquire Lumos for Fiber Internet Expansion

Lumos, a prominent 100% Fiber Optic Internet provider, will be acquired by a joint venture of EQT and T-Mobile. This partnership aims to enhance high-speed internet access for nearly 2 million households by 2026, particularly in underserved areas across the U.S. Leveraging EQT’s fiber expertise, T-Mobile’s marketing strength, and Lumos’s proven deployment capabilities, the venture plans to rapidly expand Lumos’s fiber network. T-Mobile, as a leading broadband provider, seeks to extend its reach and deliver reliable connectivity through this strategic investment, ultimately bridging the digital divide with expanded broadband choices. The acquisition is expected to finalize by late 2024 or early 2025 pending regulatory approvals.

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CEA-Leti Leads EU Effort in Advancing 6G Technology

CEA-Leti is at the forefront of two EU-coordinated projects, 6G-DISAC and 6G-GOALS, aimed at revolutionizing 6G technology. With €130 million allocated, these projects focus on building smart networks and services, emphasizing distributed intelligent infrastructure and AI-enabled learning. 6G-DISAC specifically targets integrated sensing and communication, aiming to surpass current centralized approaches. It will develop innovative network architectures, waveforms, and protocols to enable tracking, distributed signal processing, and machine learning for improved communication performance. These efforts mark a significant step towards shaping the future of digital connectivity in Europe.

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Sanas Granted Broad Patent for Real-Time Accent Conversion AI Technology

Sanas, the pioneer of real-time speech understanding AI, has secured a significant patent for its Real-Time Accent Conversion AI Technology in the USA and India. This technology allows call center agents to communicate naturally with customers by adapting accents and eliminating background noise in real-time. Over 10,000 agents currently use Sanas daily in India and the Philippines, with expectations to reach over 100,000 by year-end. The patent underscores Sanas’ mission to eliminate communication barriers, reduce accent-related bias, and enhance agent confidence and customer satisfaction, ultimately revolutionizing the call center industry.

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Tech Startups Innovate Customer-Centric Solutions at MWC 2024

GlobalData’s report on MWC 2024 highlights the impact of startups in tech innovation, focusing on AI-driven medical diagnostics, IT management platforms, and more. Startups like AIRS Medical (South Korea), Equipme (Germany), and Devengo (Spain) are revolutionizing medical imaging, office resource management, and financial operations respectively. Bria Interoperability (US) and IDUN Technologies (Switzerland) are advancing AI-enhanced healthcare and discreet EEG technology. The event showcases a diverse range of innovations addressing healthcare, finance, and media challenges. With substantial funding, startups aim to transform industries for enhanced customer experiences and operational excellence.

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