Qualcomm Unveils Snapdragon X Plus Platform for PCs, Promising Superior Performance

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US-based mobile chip giant Qualcomm has introduced its latest PC platform, the Snapdragon X Plus, touting it as surpassing both x86 and Apple competition in performance.

The Snapdragon X Plus is an upgraded version of the Snapdragon X Elite, which debuted in October last year. Many of the touted features remain similar, including claims of exceptional performance, extended battery life, and cutting-edge on-device AI capabilities. Qualcomm asserts that the CPU, GPU, and NPU (Neural Processing Unit) collectively offer superior performance and energy efficiency.

Kedar Kondap, General Manager of Compute and Gaming at Qualcomm, emphasized the platform’s potential to revolutionize the PC industry. He stated, “Qualcomm Snapdragon X Plus will power AI-Supercharged PCs that enable even more users to excel as radical new AI experiences emerge in this period of rapid development and deployment.”

Despite the bold claims, concerns persist regarding the compatibility of Windows with ARM-based chips, rather than the traditional x86 architecture. Independent third-party validation through benchmarking remains pending, with sites like AnandTech relying on Qualcomm-supplied benchmarks. However, allegations from industry observers suggest potential discrepancies, with suggestions that Qualcomm may be “cheating” on its benchmarks.

Qualcomm has yet to directly address these accusations. Third-party benchmarking remains a crucial step to validate claims and dispel suspicions. The Snapdragon X series is slated to debut in PCs later this year, presenting an opportunity for a direct performance comparison with Intel and AMD-powered laptops.

While the platform may find success in Chromebooks and other fanless non-Windows PCs, its true performance capabilities in comparison to established competitors remain to be seen.

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