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12 articles for 12 days of Christmas 2021

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With Christmas fast approaching, we would like to present 12 articles to read during the 12 days of Christmas. We hope that this collection of articles will take you on a joyous voyage of telecom business, VoIP, and personal development education.

Importance of nonverbal communication in a virtual environment

It has been over a year since organizations rushed from the traditional office to a virtual workplace due to the coronavirus. The transition from office to home leads to other changes: many of us now communicate much more often in the virtual world, rather than face-to-face, which means that nonverbal communications are now more important than ever.


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Caller ID spoofing – the headache of telecoms

Most phones today allow users to see the calling party’s phone number before they answer. This feature, called Caller ID or Calling Line Identity (CLI), is a way to let people know who is calling and decide whether they want to answer the call or not. However, callers and criminals can purposely change the Caller ID so that the incoming call appears to originate from a trusted entity.


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How VoIP changed telecommunications

Ever since VoIP disrupted the telecom sector, things have never been the same. In today’s fast track world everyone is familiar with this technology. Maybe not by name, but certainly with the use of it. By using VoIP with a capable Internet connection, you can call anyone, anywhere in the world, without paying your network service provider for the call. Starting to sound familiar, right?


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Tips for adopting blockchain for Telcos

When a new technology or opportunity is created, it is up to industry verticals to decide how, when, and where to exploit its potential. Communication service providers (CSPs) will find it challenging to adopt and implement technology such as blockchain. It is important that CSPs work in synergy, looking beyond obvious solutions if they are to take full advantage of the potentially huge advantages distributed ledger technology can offer.


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Transforming telco businesses with AI

Artificial intelligence is exerting its influence on almost every sector, including telecommunications. This technology has begun to add impressive new dimensions to many industries, accelerating the digital transformation. According to Tractica, annual investment in telecommunications AI software is expected to grow to more than $11.2 billion in 2025.


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The art of coping with pressure at work

The ability to cope with pressure in the workplace is a much needed skill. Pressure is an integral part of every day, whether that pressure is a minor, routine inconvenience, or a huge burden that lasts for a long time. No matter what your job is, at some point you will definitely experience some level of pressure at work. This can happen occasionally, such as when a company is going through a significant transition, or it can be a part of your daily job. Nevertheless, pressure control is of great importance – otherwise you could burn out!


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What is SIP trunking?

SIP trunking is conquering the business world. However, some still do not know exactly what SIP services are, how they work or what to expect from them. We want to explain some essential aspects of this service, so in this article we will examine what SIP trunking is, what its benefits are and introduce you to the most popular SIP trunking providers on the market.


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The fundamentals of VoIP security

One of the most frequently asked questions about a VoIP phone system is fundamental and critical, and is as follows: is VoIP secure? To answer the question, no phone system is bulletproof. VoIP has a myriad of benefits, but possible security risks should not be overlooked. Given the growing number of cybercrimes around the world, the importance of security has never been more significant.


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En route to 6G. What does it hold in store?

With 5G networks still being deployed around the globe and 4G and even 3G networks still in use in many parts of the world, the term 6G is already a huge topic in the industry. 6G is the name for what will be the sixth generation in cellular technology, with a particular focus on increasing the capabilities and reducing the latency of wireless and edge networks. These are early days in the life of 6G and thus far this technology is only a theoretical discussion.


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Biggest myths surrounding VoIP technology

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is not a new technology, and there are thousands of articles written about it. Still, there are many myths surrounding VoIP. Is it the awkward acronym? Maybe it sounds super technical? In our humble opinion, myths should not detract from you using one of the industry’s leading and most affordable means of business communications that can provide businesses with a tremendous competitive advantage.


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Building a marketing strategy in the telecom sector

For telecommunication service providers to succeed in this fast-growing industry, it is essential to develop a marketing strategy that enables organizations to build long-term relationships with their customers. The telecommunications industry, like many other industries, is constantly changing. These changes include technological advances, market innovations, adjustments in consumer behavior and more. Telecommunications companies that listen to the market and are not stuck in their old ways are the most successful enterprises.


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Technology trends of the decade

Over the past decade, there have been so many advancements that it is difficult to keep up with all the technological breakthroughs. This journey has been thrilling and every invention delivers new technology at a rapid pace. It is critical to look to the future for clues as to where technology will take the society next. And this decade is shaping up to be one of significant technological leaps, as businesses prepare for the large-scale integration of advanced technologies.


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Trends to shape the Telecom Industry in 2022

Technology is rapidly progressing, resulting in a significant acceleration in technological advancements. Technological improvements have boosted innovation, agility and market development. Telecommunications is one of those businesses where experts debate which developments will have the most influence in the near future, as the latest technologies are essential in a fast-moving and fast-changing sector like telecoms.


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