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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #1

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Verizon and AT&T delay 5G rollouts

After initially refusing to postpone the launch of their new 5G service which had been set for January 5, 2022, AT&T and Verizon have decided to delay the rollout by two weeks. According to airline industry representatives, a last-minute draft agreement was first negotiated with AT&T and subsequently with Verizon. Aviation officials are concerned that the new technology will interfere with flight altitude-measuring equipment.

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Amazon, Cisco and Lockheed Martin collaborate on a space mission

Callisto, a tech demonstration payload, will be deployed onboard NASA’s Orion spacecraft during its unmanned Artemis I trip around the Moon, thanks to a collaboration between Cisco, Amazon and Lockheed Martin. The goal is to determine if voice and video communication technology can assist astronauts and increase their mission efficiency and situational awareness. The Callisto payload has bespoke hardware and software created by the three companies and features technology that allows Alexa to function without an internet connection. As part of this initiative, Cisco’s Webex will operate on a tablet throughout NASA’s Deep Space Network.

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Telefonica Tech expands partnership with Microsoft

Telefonica Tech, a subsidiary of Telefonica, has stated that it has expanded its cooperation with Microsoft to provide confidential hybrid cloud solutions to enterprises in regulated industries. According to the deal, Telefonica Tech will use its strong consulting, implementation and operational capabilities to provide secure cloud services in regulated environments. The company also aims to help public firms improve their data and artificial intelligence strategies while also contributing to the creation of specific use cases that will drive innovation.

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South Korea and EU have built an intercontinental 5G-satellite network system

A South Korean research laboratory has revealed the development of an intercontinental 5G-satellite network system to power communications in the event of a disaster. The lab created the 5G-satellite multiple network system in collaboration with the European Union. This technology is intended to connect 5G networks to satellite networks to offer communication services in rural locations or during disasters, according to the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI). The new method uses the satellite network to communicate with individuals in places with few or no 5G base stations.

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AWS joins prpl Foundation

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has joined the prpl Foundation’s board. The goal of prpl is to standardize cloud-based application orchestration in order to manage the life cycles of containerized software components for next-generation customer-premises-equipment (CPE) software stacks. This will allow service providers to expand operations more simply by containerizing applications and services, shifting away from massive firmware upgrades and toward a modularized strategy that simplifies CPE application deployments and updates.

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