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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #1

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Greek authorities to investigate telecoms operators 

The Hellenic Authority for Communication Security and Privacy (ADAE) in Greece is about to launch an investigation into telecommunications companies for improper monitoring demands made by the Greek secret services. This probe follows a controversy last year in which the government reportedly spied on journalists and politicians using Predator malware. The Greek government has acknowledged some of the monitoring activities, but insists that they were carried out legitimately and that it did not purchase the malware. ADAE will form a team to supervise the probe and will analyze private data using powers given by the Greek Constitution.

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PBX-Change is now KUDUCOM™

KUDUCOM, a Tampa Bay, Florida-based communications company, has rebranded itself and introduced a new name, brand, vision and mission. For almost two decades, the company, originally known as PBX-Change, has offered organizations voice, internet and cloud-based communication services. The new name, KUDUCOM, emphasizes the company’s voice, internet, and cloud-based services’ speed, as well as their agility and customer-centric care. KUDUCOM is a Cisco Webex Contact Center partner as well as a licensed Florida Competitive local exchange carrier, and provides a Webex solution that is trusted by 95% of Fortune 500 corporations.

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Verizon switches off its 3G network 

The Verizon 3G CDMA network was shut down at the end of 2022, three years after the company first said it would do so. Although the operator began decommissioning the network in 2016, the shut-off date was postponed to lessen interruptions for users as they switched to newer technology. Both Boost Mobile, which is owned by Dish Network, and Verizon’s prepaid MVNO TracFone experienced customer losses as a result of the shutdowns. The 3G networks were also utilized by several Lifeline mobile service providers.

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O2 Telefónica and Intersec launch a public warning system in Germany

O2 Telefónica has selected Intersec, a European public warning system expert, to manage a new system for notifying Germans in times of emergency. The Public Warning Cell Broadcast system, which went live on December 8, 2022, is designed to deliver brief messages to all phones inside a geo-fenced region during emergencies. It is anticipated that the system would cover all German mobile phone customers, regardless of carrier. Intersec was chosen because its carrier-grade solution is durable and scalable and meets all regulatory criteria.

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Amdocs cuts 3% of its workforce

Amdocs, a communications software company located in the United States, has laid off around 3% of its global staff, affecting approximately 700 individuals. The corporation, which had over 30,000 workers last year, did not specify which countries or regions were affected by the job layoffs. In November 2022, Amdocs announced full-year fiscal sales of $4.5 billion, a 6.7% year-on-year rise, and an operating profit of over $665 million, a 10% annual  increase. For the fiscal year ending September 2023, the business anticipates sales growth of 6% to 10%.

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