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Ringover launches multi-channel prospecting solution Cadence

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Ringover, a VoIP service provider, has launched Cadence, a multi-channel sales prospecting product for SMEs. Cadence focuses on the three pillars of a compelling sales strategy: work facilitation, prospecting process optimization and team performance enhancement.


Customers like to be engaged through an increasing variety of communication channels, such as social media and email. In order to achieve this, sales agents must continually look across different channels, making it challenging to manage business processes. Cadence is Ringover’s response to solving this significant issue.


Using a simple interface, Cadence completely automates the sales prospecting process. With the help of this application, sales staff can design unique communication sequences for each type of prospect, including calls, emails, SMS messages and LinkedIn messages. This solution entails entering prospect information and determining which channel of communication will be utilized to reach the prospects, and when they will be contacted. This simple, yet efficient strategy can greatly increase prospecting results.


Cadence was created by sales teams for sales teams, with the goal of simplifying the entire sales prospecting process. Ringover intends to assist sales representatives reach their maximum performance potential by delivering an efficient solution. By helping sales representatives through the process and eliminating administrative responsibilities, Cadence  saves time and enhances prospecting results.


Renaud Charvet, CEO and co-founder of Ringover, commented: “With Cadence, sales directors can rest assured that all prospects, incoming or outgoing, are handled in the same way and at the same pace, by the entire sales team. Using software to automate prospecting is a key factor contributing to the development and optimization of sales activities. By guiding agents through their work and identifying what they need to do to convert prospects, Cadence saves time allowing agents to focus more on the relationship with their prospects, without being consumed by administrative tasks.”