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Mondago Introduces a CRM Integration Solution for Microsoft Teams

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Mondago, a leading provider of computer telephony integration solutions, is thrilled to unveil its latest product, Go Connect Mari, a CRM integration solution designed specifically for the Microsoft Teams platform.

Go Connect Mari is a desktop solution that enables seamless telephony integration with over 250 contact-oriented business systems and CRM applications, spanning various industries. By integrating these systems, Go Connect Mari offers significant productivity and efficiency gains for end-users.

Key features of Go Connect Mari include:

Contact Popping: Automatically or manually pop the caller’s contact record within the integrated CRM upon an incoming call.

Activity Logging: Create an activity record of received calls within the integrated CRM, allowing for manual or automatic logging of notes.

Add/Duplicate Contact: Easily add new contact records to the integrated CRM from multiple locations, such as the live call Preview window and Missed calls pop-up.

Address Book Searching: Conduct simultaneous searches across multiple integrated CRMs’ contact directories, enabling users to call or pop a contact directly from the search results.

Click to Dial: Access a variety of rapid click-to-dial tools, including webpage, clipboard, application, screen read, or simple TAPI.

Mondago specializes in delivering computer telephony integration solutions for hosted and premise-based communication platforms. Their extensive range of end-user products offers features such as presence management, desktop call control, call center toolbar, softphone, and CRM integration, including click-to-dial functionality, caller preview, contact popping, and activity tracking. These integrations cover over 250 CRM and database applications across multiple operating systems.

Furthermore, Mondago provides APIs that empower partners to embed Mondago’s CRM integrations into their own desktop products. This flexibility allows partners to seamlessly integrate telephony systems with their customers’ business processes, ultimately enhancing the overall value of the solution.

Mondago also offers comprehensive pre-sales and post-sales support, training, and remote installation services to ensure a smooth and efficient experience for their customers.

By introducing Go Connect Mari, Mondago continues to empower businesses by facilitating seamless CRM integration within the Microsoft Teams environment, fostering increased productivity and streamlined communication processes.

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