CallCabinet Announces Seamless Integration with Zoom Contact Center

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In an exciting development for businesses seeking streamlined communication solutions, CallCabinet has officially integrated its cutting-edge recording and analytics solutions with Zoom Contact Center. This groundbreaking move effectively eliminates the need for multiple, independently managed recording and analytics systems.

With this integration, Zoom Contact Center users can now effortlessly record all their conversations while harnessing CallCabinet’s advanced capabilities to capture comprehensive call metadata. This enriched metadata encompasses crucial details such as Zoom Call ID, Queue name, Flow Name, Consumer Display Name, and Agent Skill, among others.

One of the standout features of this integration is the granular control it offers over recording permissions. Organizations can now choose what to record at an individual, departmental, or company-wide level, bolstered by the ability to start and stop recordings as needed. Combined with CallCabinet’s quality assurance automation tools and automated PCI DSS redaction, contact centers gain unparalleled control over their conversation data, paving the way for increased productivity and growth.

The timing of this integration is impeccable, arriving at a crucial juncture when the Unified Communications revolution and the imperative for digital transformation are reshaping the business landscape. Companies are increasingly realizing the potential of incorporating AI not just as a means to an end but as a proactive tool for enhancing competitiveness.

CallCabinet’s integration offers much-needed flexibility and versatility to industries globally, presenting a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for Zoom customers. This renders legacy solutions with multiple recording devices and systems obsolete, along with the associated unnecessary costs.

Ron Romanchik, Chief Strategy Officer at CallCabinet, enthused, “Recording and analyzing across Zoom’s platforms have never been easier. With a consistent UX and single-pane-of-glass views for the metrics that matter most, CallCabinet gives companies the ability to record and analyze across all of Zoom’s UC platforms with the click of a button.”

The benefits of this integration extend further, encompassing local and international data sovereignty, multitenancy, and military-grade security, all complemented by global support.

Regardless of which Zoom product is being recorded, CallCabinet seamlessly aggregates the data across communication platforms, adhering to local and international data regulations like GDPR, PCI DSS, Dodd-Frank, HIPAA, and more.

Companies utilizing any of the three integrated Zoom solutions now enjoy a frictionless experience, unlimited recording data storage, and instant access to real-time conversation data analysis. This integration marks a pivotal step towards empowering businesses with cutting-edge technology for success in the modern corporate landscape.

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