Beyond Now Unveils Wave AI Suite for Enhanced CSP Operations

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In a groundbreaking move, Beyond Now, a rapidly expanding ecosystem orchestration and digital platform provider, has introduced the Wave AI Suite. This innovative suCSite incorporates cutting-edge AI technologies, including Generative AI (GenAI) and Machine Learning (ML), seamlessly into its digital and ecosystem orchestration platforms.

Designed to empower Communication Service Providers (CSPs), the Wave AI Suite aims to enhance automation, expedite decision-making processes, and address operational challenges faced by providers. The suite’s primary focus is to elevate operational efficiency, offering CSPs personalized, accurate, and precise ways to meet business objectives and ensure an optimal customer experience.

Andreas Gabriel, CTO of Beyond Now, expressed excitement about unlocking the transformative potential of AI for customers. Gabriel emphasized the company’s commitment to innovation and leveraging AI to deliver operational agility, improved experiences, and the automation of user and customer journeys.

The suite introduces a range of tools and features, such as “Faster Time-to-Revenue,” enabling CSPs to reduce time-to-market and confidently launch offers more swiftly. Additionally, the suite provides “Intelligent Product Management,” assisting product managers in making changes to product catalogs using natural language, facilitating faster service launches.

Moreover, the Wave AI Suite fosters personalized experiences for customers through “Guided Journeys and Conversational AI.” This feature aids customers in navigating solutions portfolios, reducing call center loads by offering self-service activities through conversational AI.

For CSPs seeking to enhance partner collaborations, the suite facilitates “Partner Ecosystem Utilization” by intelligently matching customers and partners, accelerating platform business models and marketplaces’ growth.

Addressing operational efficiency challenges, the suite offers “Ease of Operations” with features like “Anomaly Detection,” ensuring precision and accuracy in customizing solutions to unique business requirements.

Crucially, the Wave AI Suite places a strong emphasis on ethical AI, committing to responsible, respectful, and fair AI-driven decisions while prioritizing customer data privacy and security. Advanced encryption techniques, guardrails, and data anonymization protocols are implemented to ensure compliance with privacy regulations and industry standards.

Beyond Now’s Wave AI Suite marks a significant leap in the integration of AI into CSP operations, promising a future of enhanced efficiency, personalized experiences, and ethical decision-making.

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