Enreach Contact App Suite Now Available in First European Markets

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Enreach, Europe’s leading provider of converged contact solutions, announced that it has unveiled its new Enreach Contact App Suite solution to partners and customers in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Latvia. The solution delivers the robust capabilities available within the Enreach Contact cloud communications platform, providing users with a seamless and consistent communications and collaboration experience across disparate mobile and desktop environments. Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Latvia are the first markets to receive this new technology. Enreach plans to introduce the App Suite in other European markets throughout the year.

The Enreach Contact App Suite addresses the growing demand for highly effective and consistent digital communications solutions to team members that work in a variety of business settings that extend from offices, to work-from-home locations, to mobile situations. The solution harmonises all communications and collaboration functionalities and user experiences across multiple networks, platforms, and devices, giving users a common tool set to address their business needs. What’s more, it integrates Enreach’s market-leading communications capabilities with CRM systems and popular tools like Microsoft Teams, enabling businesses to extend all communications and productivity features to team members, regardless of network infrastructure or device. The Enreach Contact App Suite features a Desktop App, new Mobile Apps for iOS and Android devices, and an embedded Teams App.

“As businesses continue to rely on a mix of both on site, remote, and mobile workers, the need to provide all these employees with a communications suite that performs consistently has never been greater,” said Koen van Geffen, Enreach’s Chief Technology Officer. “We developed these applications specifically to satisfy this demand. By creating a solution that mirrors the efficiency and omnipresence associated with popular consumer-oriented apps, we have built a tool that gives businesses the uniformity and dependability they demand, while offering users a productive, intuitive, and satisfying interface that allows them to perform their tasks without any disruption.”

With a footprint that extends from the United Kingdom to the Nordics, and from Scandinavia down to Spain, Enreach ranks among Europe’s most successful and largest provider of cloud communications services to businesses that scale from small- and mid-size organizations up to and including enterprises. The company intends to introduce the Enreach Contact App Suite in several markets over the course of the year, in its continuing effort to deliver value-added solutions that enables customers to increase productivity, improve efficiencies, enhance customer satisfaction, and lower operating costs.

“Businesses today find themselves in a challenging position. They need to provide a robust communications suite which includes applications such as Microsoft Teams, but do so in a way that is non-disruptive, intuitive, engaging, and effective for every team member,” explained Martin Classen, Enreach’s Chief Product Officer. “We believe the App Suite is ideally suited to satisfy this demand. By building a solution that intelligently harmonises all features, functions, and user experiences across different platforms, networks, and endpoints, customers and their team members can access a common set of communications and collaboration capabilities wherever they are, improving productivity and increasing employee satisfaction.“

About Enreach

Enreach is a European leader in converged contact solutions with a strong presence in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and the Baltic States. Enreach provides collaboration technology and telecom services through its resellers, service provider partners, and direct channels. All operations contribute to intelligent, integrated IT and communication solutions that ensure optimal communication and workflow between organizations. Enreach’s mission is to give companies access to the best communication and collaboration tools with a simple, user-centric interface built around their specific needs and systems. The group’s products place powerful features within reach of all companies, regardless of industry or size, so their employees can focus on getting great things done. Enreach operates in over 25 countries and has over 1,000 employees working in 27 different European offices.

For more information about Enreach, please visit: www.enreach.com

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