Zoom Introduces New AI-Driven Features for Enhanced Workplace Productivity

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Zoom has unveiled a series of new features across Zoom Workplace, including enhanced capabilities of its AI Companion in Zoom Meetings and Zoom Team Chat. The AI Companion, Zoom’s generative AI assistant, now offers features like drafting quick replies in Team Chat and providing customizable notices, all at no additional cost.

Since its launch in September 2023, the AI Companion has seen widespread adoption, with over 700,000 accounts enabling it and a significant increase in meeting summaries being generated each quarter.

A key update is the introduction of quick reply suggestions for mobile users in Team Chat, aiding those on the move to stay connected. Additionally, enterprises can now tailor AI Companion notifications with their own text, links, and formatting to enhance branding and policy communication during meetings.

Zoom has also improved external collaboration management in Team Chat. New settings and a dashboard give admins enhanced control over external user interactions, allowing for configurable approvals and comprehensive visibility of external connections.

To boost productivity, Zoom’s global search feature will launch in June, enabling users to search across all Zoom Workplace resources, from meeting recordings to SMS messages and files. For the education sector, AI Companion will soon offer meeting summaries for classes hosted over Zoom, simplifying review and sharing processes for educators and students.

Moreover, Zoom’s integration with Workvivo TV and Zoom Rooms will streamline the distribution of important company news across multiple locations. For in-office collaboration, the new Companion Zoom Rooms feature will allow users to pair devices for enhanced functionality, making hybrid meetings more efficient.

In a significant security update, Zoom has introduced post-quantum end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for Zoom Meetings, becoming the first unified communications as a service (UCaaS) provider to offer such a solution.

These advancements underscore Zoom’s commitment to enhancing communication, productivity, and security for its users across diverse work environments.

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