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Apple acquires Italian app backend startup Stamplay

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Apple has recently acquired the Italian startup named Stamplay, a company offering an API-based backend development platform that aims to simplify the cloud-based development of apps for businesses. Stamplay specializes in building a “low code workflow automation” platform, and could assist the iPhone-maker in providing improved backend tools for iOS and macOS developers.


In a press release, Italy’s Roma Tre University confirmed that Apple had acquired its startup, although the tech giant itself has not yet issued the customary statement on this acquisition. According to Italian media reports, the deal was worth around five million euros, which equates to roughly $5.6 million.


Stamplay, which was founded by Nicola Mattina and Giuliano Iacobelli of Roma Tre’s computer engineering and business economics departments, provides a task automation platform geared toward enterprises. With a slogan “automate your business”, the startup enables companies to create workflows for handling monotonous, labor-intensive chores such as synchronizing business information among unrelated systems.


Stamplay’s platform allows web developers to rapidly build and launch fully-featured, cloud-based web apps without coding, and includes popular APIs such as Stripe (payments), Sendgrid (email), Twilio (SMS and VoIP) and Pusher (real-time notifications).


It is assumed that Apple‘s interest in Stamplay most likely could be associated with helping developers deliver iOS apps, as many apps require a backend system and a cloud server for user data management and for performing functions. In particular, Stamplay could definitely provide assistance for those who are new to app development.


Apple recently has made several acquisitions: in February, it acquired digital marketing startup DataTiger that uses data analytics to “rethink the whole marketing experience”, and earlier this month, the tech giant confirmed that it had obtained Laserlike, an AI-focused startup established by former Google engineers.