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Tel Q Global opts for Cataleya to virtualize its global voice network

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Tel Q Global, a telecom hub for voice and SMS services, has selected Singapore operator Cataleya for its global voice network virtualization. With its superior technology, innovative commercial models and a world-wide footprint, Cataleya will completely virtualize Tel Q Global’s international voice network, resulting in significant cost savings and operational simplicity.


According to a statement, Tel Q Global required a switching and BSS service in three global regions to be able to launch their new virtual number services in the shortest possible time. These new solutions include mobile and two-way SMS numbers, and are a highly anticipated addition to the company’s existing portfolio of DID and toll-free numbers. Moreover, the nodes also need to be used as geographic backup sites for each other, should a major disruption occur in any of the hosting centers.


Ankit Agarwal, CEO of Tel Q Global, said, “Before we moved to Cataleya, we were dealing with numerous technology partners like Data Centers, SaaS and Billing companies to develop our technology stack. All this changed when Cataleya rolled out its CPaaS model consolidating the need to have multiple independent technology partners.” He also pointed out that Cataleya’s CPaaS model brings value and innovation to the industry at a time when disruptive technologies put profits at risk.


“This is a real game changer for anyone who wishes to focus more on profitability and leave the network to specialists. Tel Q Global was able to realize an annual cost savings of over 40 percent by switching to Cataleya,” added Agarwal.


Available in more than 30 countries, Cataleya’s Voice Wholesale CPaaS platform “Orchid Cloud” incorporates VoIP switching, rating, routing and billing on a consumption basis. Multiple nodes can all be managed through one central user interface from anywhere in the world. Cataleya said that new deployments can be made available in days rather than months, which significantly reduces the cost compared to traditional deployments.


Andreas Hipp, CEO of Cataleya, said, “It has been very exciting to work with Tel Q Global’s team to migrate all the active services to all the new nodes in Singapore, London and Miami in such a short period of time without affecting running services for their customers.”