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Enhancing customer experience with enterprise communication solutions by VoIPstudio

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VoIPstudio is a top-tier VoIP communications solution provider for small and medium-sized enterprises of all types. The company provides over 40 cloud-based PBX services in a simple, intuitive, all-inclusive platform that allows any organization to benefit from professional communications at a low cost.


VoIPstudio helps expanding enterprises to operate globally by enabling them to acquire phone numbers in over 90 countries and 30,000 cities across the world directly from the application. The company offers international, local, toll-free, and “gold” phone numbers, with newly purchased numbers being instantly usable.


VoIPstudio includes all of the capabilities you’ll need to start building a call center straight away. It comes with a comprehensive yet simple-to-use virtual switchboard that can be configured from anywhere using a browser. It also incorporates a complete virtual PBX, with call flows, call recording, IVR, SMS, call transfer, and many other capabilities, as well as a mobile app, allowing remote teams to collaborate effortlessly while maintaining the highest level of flexibility.


In addition, VoIPstudio provides users with the means to connect teams together, no matter where they are, allowing for a more robust and efficient remote cooperation than ever before. This solution allows you the ability to build custom workgroups for your company and access all features through a single interface. Chat, video conference calling, screen and document sharing are all included in the solution, as well as end-to-end encryption on all communications, guaranteeing that no one can intercept or access any call, video conference or chat.


VoIPstudio is a complete, unified communications platform that integrates seamlessly with the technologies you already use, allowing it to fit seamlessly into your existing processes. This solution is suitable for use by every department within an organization, providing full integration with the world’s largest application providers, including Oracle, Salesforce, Microsoft, Google and Hubspot. VoIPstudio may be upgraded and integrated with any IT system using APIs and web books, ensuring maximum interoperability.


Chris Maciejewski, CEO at VoIPstudio explained, “VoIPstudio’s goal is to help all businesses of any size to have a high quality, flexible, hassle-free and affordable communications service. This approach is proving vital to the development of operations in a highly dispersed business ecosystem where communications play a critical role in business survival and growth.” 


Why you should choose VoIPstudio:

  •     Top-rated 24/7 omnichannel support
  •     No contracts and no fees
  •     All features are always included, you just pay for your phone numbers, your users and the calls you make
  •     Ideal for both external and internal communications
  •     Boosts business productivity with a complete set of collaboration tools
  •     Crystal clear call quality
  •     Partners with international voice operators and Tier 1 carriers
  •     Free number porting from your current provider

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