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Vodafone teams up with Google’s cloud division

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Vodafone and Google Cloud have announced a six-year strategic partnership to promote the use of reliable and secure data analytics and insights in support of new digital products and services that will be introduced to Vodafone’s customers around the world.


Under the terms of the expanded agreement, the companies will work together to create a new and robust integrated data platform with additional capabilities to process and transfer huge amounts of data worldwide from numerous systems to the cloud. As part of the six-year contract, Vodafone will also transfer data from its own servers to Google Cloud.


The platform “Nucleus” will feature a new system – “Dynamo”. This platform will manage data across Vodafone to offer its customers new, customized products and services in a variety of markets. The platform will be able to process about 50 terabytes of data per day in the cloud, which equates to 25,000 hours of high-definition video, the companies have stated.


Dynamo will give Vodafone the ability to adopt new home and business connectivity services by releasing smart network features, including an increase in broadband speeds. By initiating more in-depth insights and data-driven analysis within the organization and with its partners, Vodafone will be able to deliver a better customer experience to its global clientele.


Vodafone has identified over 700 use cases to quickly introduce new products and services to all Vodafone markets, support evidence-based decision-making, lower costs, eliminate duplication of data sources and make operations easier and more centralized. Approximately 1,000 employees from both companies will be working in the UK, Spain and the US to create a new cloud storage and analysis portal containing data from the telecommunications company.


This agreement is a perfect example of telecoms joining forces with major cloud vendors to lessen the load of managing their data centers while boosting the development of AI and predictive systems.


As part of this strategic initiative , the two companies are also considering selling consulting services to other multinational businesses that are seeking to move massive amounts of data to the cloud.

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