News Roundup

A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #20

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Orange expands its phone recycling program

Orange, a French telecommunications company, is extending its “Re” program, which offers phone recycling, refurbishing, repairs and returns. Customers may drop off phones that are no longer in use at the store, and Orange says any income earned from recycling these old devices will be donated to the Emmaüs International network. The telecom company has stated that the initiative would be expanded to the rest of its European areas, which include Moldova, Slovakia, Romania and Spain.

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Exoprise launches new monitoring solution for collaboration apps

Exoprise, a Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) service provider, has introduced the latest version of its Service Watch Desktop (SWD) platform. This product helps IT teams to successfully identify problems and forecast performance deterioration when using enterprise collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx and Google Meet. Businesses may drastically reduce MTTR and total troubleshooting time by using a comprehensive integrated analysis methodology.

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Vonage will help deliver telehealth services in Southeast Asia

Doctor Anywhere, a regional omnichannel healthcare provider, has chosen Vonage to deliver digital healthcare solutions across Southeast Asia via Vonage’s Video API. By using a smartphone app, subscribers may access the company’s digital platform to conveniently and efficiently monitor their health. Users may chat with a licensed local doctor at any time and get medicine delivered to their home within hours. For convenience, medical history, health records, and other documents will be maintained in the app.

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Vyopta announces enhancements to its products

At Vyoptaverse, the company’s annual conference, Vyopta introduced additional features to its existing product, as well as announcing a new product offering. Vyopta has updated its Intelligent Monitoring Engine with a number of improvements to increase actionability, simplify configuration, and shorten resolution time. New integrations with additional business-critical apps were also announced. For smoother ticket and problem management, Vyopta’s Intelligent Monitoring Engine now supports powerful interaction with IT service management (ITSM) platforms.

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Zultys in a strategic partnership with Jenne, Inc.

Jenne, a value-added technology solutions distributor and cloud services brokerage, has established a strategic alliance with Zultys, an integrated cloud communications platform provider. Jenna will offer Zultys UC to Jenne’s network of sales partners, with its extensive feature set, desktop and mobile apps, and scalability. People may communicate more easily in their daily work setting with Zultys’ UC, withompetitive pricing and flexible financing options being available to Jenne’s partners. Partnersalso benefit from a cutting-edge distribution facility, which ensures on-time and precise deliveries.

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