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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #49

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TextNow to pay off $50,000 worth of phone bills

TextNow, a mobile app that provides free cellular and WiFi-enabled phone service, said that it will start the holiday season by paying off $50,000 in phone bills owed by selected phone company customers. The company is aiming to promote consumer knowledge that they may cancel their pricey phone service subscriptions. TextNow has identified individuals who are in great need, such as single parents, veterans, students, and people impacted by job loss, sickness, injuries, or recent losses.

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Cisco releases its annual Security Outcomes Report

This week saw the release of Cisco’s annual Security Outcomes Report. 62% of the companies questioned reported having encountered a security incident that affected their business in the last two years. Ransomware occurrences, outages, and network or data breaches were the most common types of incidents. Security resilience is a top issue for 96% of the CEOs polled for the research.

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RingCentral is expanding its End-to-End Encryption

RingCentral’s End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) is being expanded to include both phone and messaging. E2EE technology protects users’ communication content from being accessed by unauthorized parties. RingCentral E2EE provides enterprise-grade privacy across chats, calls and meetings, as well as enhanced privacy and security controls for businesses. RingCentral E2EE for phone and messaging is expected to launch in a closed beta at the end of this year for a small number of clients worldwide. RingCentral E2EE video is already available.

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Dialpad announces its AI-Powered Customer Intelligence Platform™

Dialpad’s new AI-Powered Customer Intelligence Platform integrates real-time interaction analysis with contact centers, sales, audio, meetings and messaging. The platform, which was created to integrate customer service, sales communication and employee collaboration, is the result of years of AI-related research and development. The built-in voice recognition and natural language processing of Dialpad AI is used to provide insights and automate activities for customers and employees.

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InVision’s injixo solution accepted into the G-Cloud 13 framework

The G-Cloud 13 framework has accepted InVision Software’s injixo cloud-based workforce management solution. Over 300 customers in the public and private sectors worldwide already use the software. injixo makes contact center staff management simple and seamless, optimizing the process to maximize productivity and service standards. The product’s robust features and user-friendly design saves managers time, while ensuring that client demands are addressed. injixo assists agents in managing their workload by providing self-service tools.

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