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Telecommunication industry, and especially the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies, are on a constant move and unceasingly generate new ideas and set evolutionary trends. If you are new in or just keen on VoIP, it is good to know someone, who can give valued opinion and helpful guidance. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of bloggers posting efficient VoIP content. These thought leaders are keeping their fingers on the pulse and provide updates and analysis on the latest innovations related to the telecoms world.

Jon Arnold

Jon Arnold is an independent research analyst focusing on unified communications, Internet of Things, cloud services, contact centers, SIP trunking, VoIP security and social media. Jon’s valued opinion and expertise can be followed on his widely-read Analyst 2.0 Blog, which has been recognized and awarded for the best tech reviews. According to Jon, his blog focuses on “trends that matter to decision makers in the ever-broadening field of IP-based communications”.

He remarks that in order to move forward “both consumers and providers of communications technologies need to balance the demands of today’s always-on digital world, as the lines continue to blur between the workplace and our home lives”.

To keep track of his thoughts on the industry, you can also follow him on other social media, such as Twitter or LinkedIn.

Rich Tehrani

Another expert in VoIP industry is Rich Tehrani, CEO of Technology Marketing Corporation, who founded the leading IP telephony magazine (Internet Telephony) in 1998. Since then he has been sharing impartial views about the complicated telecommunications space. He is also the founder of the publications, such as IMS Magazine and SIP Magazine, and the leading communications and technology website TMCnet.com. Moreover, Rich is the author of “Tehrani’s IP Telephony Dictionary”, containing more than 300 pages with over 10,000 VoIP terms, acronyms, products and services.

“Rich Tehrani is one of the most knowledgeable experts in the IP telephony industry. Rich’s technical acumen, knowledge of the industry and vision about the future of IP telephony is unparalleled in the media. He also possesses the ability to insightfully look at up-and-coming trends in the market and provide expert commentary and analysis,” says Steve Loudermilk of VoIP giant Lucent Technologies. For the latest news in IP communications, telecom and VoIP visit Rich’s widely read and popular blog.

Tom Keating 

Tom Keating has years of experience in the call center industry and has been there since the birth of the internet telephony. Tom wrote the first VoIP product review back in 1996 and, reasoning from this fact, could be referred to as the true pioneer of VoIP. The review was about one of the earliest VoIP software applications – VocalTec’s Internet Phone. Currently he holds positions of CTO and VP at Technology Marketing Corporation. Tom is acknowledged for writing highly informative articles within several of TMC’s publications, covering a great proportion of technologies, including call center applications, VoIP, CRM, CTI, PDAs, Tablet PCs, biometrics, and more. He extensively provides all the latest news, opinions and reviews in VoIP in his renowned VoIP & Gadgets blog.

Jeff Pulver 

VoIP tech guru, Internet thought leader, Internet communications pioneer, investor, entrepreneur, strategist – all these in one outstanding personality of Jeff Pulver.  This leading expert has written extensively on VoIP telephony, and expressed his ideas about both voice and video communications via the Internet. In 1995 he invented the term VON, which stands for Voice/Video on the Net and up to this day keeps contributing words to both the telecom and social media terminology.

As the founder and co-founder of well-known VoIP companies, such as Free World Dialup, Vonage, MoNage, Alchemist, Jeff has significant influence on the whole VoIP market and is anticipating for tremendous change in the industry. “By 2025, I believe we will experience tremendous changes in how we use the Internet. I see a time where our reliance on websites dramatically decline, mobile apps as we know them today may disappear, and we will shift to a new era of communications, driven by the evolution of the Conversational Web,“ says Jeff in his blog.

Andrew Prokop

Andrew Prokop is a master in software engineering and a wizard in SIP technologies. He has been actively involved in the world of communications for about 30 years, specifically in operating systems software development and support, contact center applications, SIP servers and endpoints. Andrew was granted six United States patents in SIP technology and was a member on the teams that developed Nortel’s carrier-grade SIP softswitch and SIP-based contact center. Currently he is the CTO at ConvergeOne and the director of Emerging Technologies. Engaging in webinars, user groups and trade shows, Andrew has been an evangelist for SIP as a transformational technology beneficial to companies and their customers.

His popular blog SIP Adventures discusses every imaginable topic in the communicational sector. Worth taking a glance!