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Vonage to drive Fisher & Paykel customer service communications

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Vonage, a global provider of VoIP business communications, has been selected by global appliance maker Fisher & Paykel to promote customer service communications to their clientele in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom and the US.


The company now uses Vonage’s messaging API to offer customers on-the-spot support notifications for maintenance via SMS. The API also helps businesses improve post-sales, especially regarding the way customers can provide feedback when services have been completed, so that the company can continually improve their services. In addition, the Vonage Messages API, built into the Fisher & Paykel platform, provides automatic and instant SMS confirmations and reminders for all technician appointments. This platform also includes self-service links for customers to easily cancel or reschedule an appointment.


Fisher & Paykel Appliances EVP Marketing and Customer Experience, Rudi Khoury, commented: “Today’s customers want to be responded to instantly. They want regular updates from businesses and, more importantly, a two-way communications channel that allows them to share their concerns and feedback quickly and easily. With Vonage APIs we are able to communicate with customers promptly and create a unique experience giving them control at their fingertips. Vonage also helps Fisher & Paykel make the customer journey – from booking a technician and confirming the appointment to evaluating our service – a seamless process and closes any gaps in customer communications.”


The Vonage API makes it easy for developers to build innovative customer experiences directly into existing applications and devices. The Vonage Communications Platform provides a full range of programmable voice, video, messaging and email services to businesses globally. With more than a million registered developers, the Vonage Communications Platform can boost and expand already-operating applications and devices. This product also makes it easier for companies to work and provide services remotely.


According to Sunny Rao, Vonage Senior Vice President and General Manager for the Asia Pacific region: “Delivering prompt customer service across multiple countries in a consistent manner can be a challenge. Businesses need a fast and efficient way to reach their customers no matter where they are in the world. Vonage APIs allow companies to instantly reach their customers through their preferred channels at reduced costs, enabling businesses to effectively communicate with their customers and create a better customer experience.”