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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #49

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Softbank invests $700m in Sinch

The Japanese operator Softbank has invested heavily in the Swedish software company Sinch. According to Sinch, it will use the profit to finance further mergers and acquisitions. The Japanese company acquired a portion of the newly issued shares in Sinch, as well as some existing ones, from various major shareholders. The total share expenditure amounted to approximately $698.5 million. Sinch said that it will use the proceeds from the shares primarily for beef up its financial flexibility for undertaking new acquisitions. Sinch announced two takeovers, one of Brazil’s CRM Wavy for $119 million, as well as the SAP Digital Interconnect deal, which was a cash and debt-free transaction valued at approximately $270 million.

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Telefónica recently deployed nodes in Seville, Spain

Telefónica has for the third time deployed edge nodes in its home country of Spain, recently launching this infrastructure in Seville. In an announcement last week, the company revealed that its virtual data center edge service (VDC-Edge) in Seville has followed the deployment of previously installed edge nodes in Madrid and Barcelona. Given the immense number of fibers installed and the vast number of central offices, Telefónica has stated that it is well placed to offer low-latency services and applications from its edge nodes. The telco’s edge computing nodes connect directly to fiber optic cables, which reach homes and mobile base stations.

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Sunrise awarded 5G Innovation Award

Sunrise, the second largest telecommunications network in Switzerland, has been awarded the connect 5G Innovation Award for the fastest and most reliable 5G network in the country. The operator provides products and services that lead the market when comparing their potential to maximize network performance, provide a powerful service delivery, and help in the development of high-quality products. Furthermore, according to Sunrise’s website, their network covers more than 90% of Switzerland’s population and more than 686 towns and villages with the ultra-fast 5G speed (up to 2 Gbit/s).

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Australia to boost tower resilience in remote areas

Australia contributed $9.8 million to Telstra, Optus and TPG Telecom to increase backups of tower batteries in remote areas to ensure that coverage is not disrupted in the cases of natural disasters. This funding will cover upgrades to 467 sites, in order to ensure at least 12 hours of battery power in case of an emergency. The money is coming from an AUD380 million pot designed to close gaps in mobile coverage in remote regions. The statement mentioned that the decision to deploy batteries for reserve power will have a positive impact on communities if a natural disaster occurs.

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Vonage Partners with QU-in

Vonage, a global cloud communications provider, has partnered with the virtual queuing platform QU-in to provide users with a safe and healthy way to follow social distance guidelines and limit exposure risks to COVID. With businesses, retailers and educational institutions reopening, the QU-in platform uses the Vonage SMS API, allowing users to securely wait for their turn to pay for purchases, sign up for classes and even visit a doctor without having to stand in a line or wait in a reception room. Built-in authentication capabilities and two-factor Vonage authentication secures mobile devices with SMS and voice codes to assure user privacy.

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